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I am one way. I am
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Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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I am one way. I am 70 years old this year. My birthday is in 2009 and it is now 2079. I know many cars, Chery QQ Fangfang is my best friend. He told me many things. One day, I met Fang Fang again and just wanted to ask him something new Marlboro Cigarettes. But Fang Fang stopped, and his master got out of the car, took a small bottle from the trunk, and sprayed it into some small holes in Fang Fang's body. After the spraying, Fang Fang's owner drove the car again and started the road again. I was busy asking Fang Fang: "What was your master doing just now? What are those small holes doing?" Fang Fang said with a smile: "Before the car was out of gas, it was very troublesome to go to the gas station to refuel. Cheap. It costs more than 100 yuan at a time. Now, with our "hydrogen car", you do n��t have to worry about it. You only need to have the bottle of "hydrogen car hydrogen" to go to those small holes when there is no oil, that is, Hydrogen is input in the 'hydrogen port'. This is very convenient. Only 50 yuan per bottle, you can use it 10 times! And our exhaust pipe is equipped with a purification device, and the exhaust gas has a fresh smell! I just wanted to say something to Fang Fang. I suddenly saw someone digging a well in front of me Newport 100S. Do I still have to dig a well and drink water? I hurried farewell to Fang Fang and ran there to watch them dig a well. Listen to what they said, I I also understood a little bit. It turns out that they are not digging wells to drink water, but what are they going to do? I asked the street lamp looking at them. The street lamp said: "Oh, they, they are digging wells to let underground The heat is passed into the heating in each house, let ��Geothermal energy�� replaces the previous method of heating boilers. "No wonder! The heating now has no sound at all, it is not water anymore! I said goodbye to the street lights and went to my car friends to play again. I met another car friend Xiaohui, who was very happy I said to the ground: "Great Wholesale Cigarettes, Grandpa Lu, my host family became the first batch of air compressor users! This air compressor can automatically collect air and then automatically compress it. Usually, just turn on the switch. You can cook. It is also very easy to carry. It's only as big as a shoe box, and it doesn't have any plugs. Moreover, in the place where the air is good, the prepared meals are especially delicious. Yesterday, my host ��s family went to the woods for a picnic! "" And now, every time people go out, they will create some energy. For example, when people walk and drive, they will produce friction. You see, there is a sensor on those fake stones by the road. It can convert friction into energy for people to use. "Xiaohui said more and more excited," Grandpa Lu, bye, I have to tell others! "Xiaohui said, running me away is a road, a road to the future, a road to witness history. I I believe that the earth will be better built

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I am one way. I am
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