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Foren-Übersicht » Internetprogrammierung » Behind the old house i
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Behind the old house i
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Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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Behind the old house is a clear stream with the smell of reeds, leaves and grass. Birds fly in the sky, fish swim in the water, and the vast fields on the banks of the river are filled with rape flowers and purple clouds. In the golden sunlight, there is a ray of pink clouds. "This is the first memory of Xue Di's childhood in the book" Childhood River ". Today, I would like to recommend this Zhao Lihong's children's literary work-" Childhood River ". It tells about the seven sensitive hearts Year-old protagonist Xuedi came to the city from the countryside, faced with the new environment, made new partners, and dealt with new things. When he was about to leave his mother-in-law and the familiar little river, he really wanted to "fly to the rape field to hide "Get up", "His tears are like bugs crawling on his face, he can't get away. "After experiencing anxiety, loneliness, and confusion, he almost wanted to retract his feet trying to explore the new world, but in the end he bravely started exploring in his own way, experiencing the sadness and happiness of growth. I I am also a child with a sensitive heart, afraid of change and fear of parting Wholesale Cigarettes. I lived in my grandma ��s house before the age of 5 and later returned to my parents because of school. Although they are all in the same city, the sudden change still made me adapt to it. For a long time. If the change at the age of 5 may not be clear, the replacement of the head teacher in the fourth grade to the fifth grade made me sad for a whole summer vacation. My mother told me that life is like a journey, some people only Being able to accompany you for a period of time and constantly adapting to new learning and life is also a kind of growth. Prison ants, haunted houses, reed flowers and unspeakable secrets Carton Of Cigarettes. A personal character, scene and plot in the book make me feel the same. And the most What impressed me most was the section of "Life and Death Fight in the River", the suspension bridge was broken, and Snow Brother went down to save the river. Later, he was rescued by the "big duck" and "little duck". The "big duck" and "little duck" are two brothers. They are poor at home and cannot afford to go to school. And insisting on turning them into danger, both of which are the most precious assets in our dealings with people. So, I like this book not only because the text and artistic conception of this book are very beautiful, but I feel like I ��m with Brother Xue. Together, opened my eyes, observed, felt, and thought, my heart was also warmed Online Cigarettes, moved, shocked, and enlightened. Our childhood is like a small river flowing through the bed of our lives , It flows so slowly, and so turbulently. I know that I ca n��t keep it, but its ripples and waves keep patting my heart gently, making me sleepy and puzzled, tortuous and Growing through frustration.
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Behind the old house i
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