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Foren-bersicht » Internetprogrammierung » ried in my sleep that t
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ried in my sleep that t
BeitragVerfasst am: 17.04.2020 10:16 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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Childhood time is colorful. It is like a kaleidoscope filled with sunlight, which contains a lot of joy, but sometimes, it is like a sweet and bitter five-flavor bottle, which can also be sad. In my memory, I can't erase the figure of the parrot. When I was young, I liked birds very much, and my favorite was a parrot. At that time, my family was in the alley of the central market, and there was a flower and bird market not far from home Cheap Cigarettes. There are so many birds out there! There are white pigeons, and they crow when they come; there are small and sparrows, and they turn their heads cleverly; and there are thrush birds, whose curly eyebrows are like real use The paintbrushes are the same; the most lovely ones are parrots. The fairy-like feathers make people want to touch them at the first sight. Every time I come to the flower and bird market mokingusacigarettes.com, I am intoxicated by the joyful cry of the birds. So I look forward to owning a bird! A cute parrot! One weekend, my dad took me to the flower and bird market and bought me a parrot. The parrot has a ruddy little beak, and its colorful feathers are like god birds in heaven. I am happy to describe my mood. I carefully placed the bird cage on my desk and let the parrot accompany me to do my homework. I'm so happy! While doing my homework, I looked at the bird with my eyes and talked to it. Unconsciously half a day has passed, and my homework has only done a few questions. I have no intention of doing homework at all. I just want to play with the birds. On every subsequent weekend, I talk to the birds happily and the birds sing I listen Marlboro Cigarettes, it became my close friend. Winter has passed, and spring has come again. The lively and cute parrot has lost the cleverness of the past, and gradually no longer likes singing, and gradually no longer likes eating. In the morning, I opened my eyes and didn't hear the familiar, crisp cry of the birds. I hurried to the balcony and saw that the bird stood motionless on the bar of the bird cage with closed eyes. I gently called the bird's name, it just barely opened my eyes and closed again. eye. I thought: The bird may be too tired, let it rest well! It was a heavy rain that night, and I had been worried in my sleep that the bird would get frostbite. The next day I woke up early in the morning and went to see the birds. I saw the birds lying quietly in the bird cage without moving. The birds died! I cried aloud! My parents comforted me, and I still cried. Non-stop. Suddenly, I fell asleep and dreamed that the birdie and I sang happily with me for a long time
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BeitragVerfasst am: 19.03.2021 14:25 Antworten mit Zitat
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ried in my sleep that t
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