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Foren-bersicht » Internetprogrammierung » Hangan who lived in the village opp
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Hangan who lived in the village opp
BeitragVerfasst am: 03.01.2020 05:04 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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"Isolated Island Dog" is the work of the famous Japanese author Hatokuji Parliament Cigarettes. This book tells three stories about wild dogs on an isolated island Cigarettes Online. "Island Dogs" written by Hatoku Ten, my favorite is the wild dog "Natchi" The story in the book is vivid and interesting, and the image of the wild dog is lifelike, as if you have been brought into this seaside island with a feeling of immersiveness. In "Lone Island Wild Dog", a group of wolf dogs originally raised and trained by the They were abandoned because of the retreat of the army.and great difficulties faced by Helen Keller in the book shocked our hearts, but her spirit of indomitable struggle gave us more. Very impressed. In the Han Dynasty in China, Sima Qian did not give up in the ordeal of suffering from the punishment and prison. He wrote an ancient and historical book "Historical Records" with an unbelievable spirit and perseverance. The world-famous mathematician Hua Luogeng left his left foot with a lifelong disability due to illness at a young age, but instead of being discouraged, he left all pain and hardship behind his head and used his diligence and wisdom to chop waves in the ocean of the math kingdom. Countless examples tell us that in the face of difficulties and setbacks, we must be brave and tough to overcome it. Everyone will encounter a variety of difficulties, learning difficulties, life difficulties. For example, if you encounter difficulties in your studies, when you rack your brains and think of one after another, you will ask the teacher to understand one and then run into another. Then I feel depressed and irritable. Sometimes when writing a text, there is always no way to write something Marlboro Cigarettes, but I can't write it when I'm in a hurry. There are also the setbacks encountered in growing up, the difficulties encountered in life, etc., which ultimately have to be solved by oneself. "For people, difficulty and torture is a hammer that hits the billet. It should be a fragile iron shield, but a sharp steel knife is forged." In the face of difficulties and setbacks, we must not retreat, evade, and complain. We must face up bravely and use tenacity and wisdom to solve it. In learning, you should ask more if you don't understand, and think more when you encounter a problem. Be sure to memorize the content to be memorized, and practice more on the topics you want to practice. If you have a bad place, try to do more until you do well. Hatoju-shi always writes stories very well, reads them well, and writes a touching story that is easy to understand. Like many allegorical stories, the stories are clear and profound. The author of "Island Wild Dog" not only describes wild dogs, but also tells a more profound truth: in the face of difficulties, in the setbacks, it is necessary to have a tenacious spirit. After more than ten days of careful observation, the intelligent wild dog finally thought that the farmer Songji was a trustworthy person, and Songji also liked this sensible wild dog very much. And named the wild dog "aka". Aka accompanied Songji to work during the day, and went home with him at night to live in his house. They became close and close friends. More than a month after Aka arrived at Songji's house, something happened: the chickens and rabbits in the village disappeared one after another. The people in the village were originally afraid of wild dogs. All of them thought it was Aka's work. Aka For no reason, he became a criminal who harmed chickens and rabbits. The village chief and village police ordered Songji to kill Akka. Although Songji loves Akka, he wants to protect Akka. In the end, he was persecuted by the person in charge and threw a poisonous chicken to Akka. Out of trust in the owner, Akka licked the guts of the chicken and became poisoned! It stumbled and fled back to the forest where it was raised . A year or so later, the "prisoner" who stole chickens and rabbits in the village was found-the rogue Hangan who lived in the village opposite the mountain to overcome the difficulties and overcome the setbacks is like going up the mountain to climb the steps. Perseverance will surely reach its peak.
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Hangan who lived in the village opp
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