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Foren-bersicht » Internetprogrammierung » y mother's kindness a
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y mother's kindness a
BeitragVerfasst am: 03.01.2020 05:03 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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This morning, after having breakfast, I finished reading the "Mother's Story" in "Andersen's Fairy Tales" that I didn't finish yesterday. The story is really moving: a mother ��s child was sick, and she did n��t wake up for three days and three nights. His breathing was difficult, and the mother was still upset with tears and holding the child ��s hand. An impoverished old man walked in from the ice and snow outside. Although the old man was wrapped in felt, he still shivered. The kind mother warmed him with a glass of sweet wine on the stove ... because of a few days Ye did not close her eyes at night. The mother was too tired. She couldn't hold her asleep. She had a dream in her sleep and saw an old man take her child away. The mother quickly opened her eyes. The child really disappeared. The old man is dressed up as a grim reaper. If someone stops breathing, the grim reaper will take him to read here without the sound of a heartbeat. I think how anxious the mother should be! Sure enough, in order to find his own child, the mother found the night god, and the night god asked the mother to sing all the songs sung to the child. The mother sang the song with tears in order to find the child. The night god was impressed and told her that the god of death was holding the child through the black maple forest over there. The mother hurried to find the child but found that it was full of thorns. The conditions of the thorns were: Hold it warm in your mother's arms and tell her where the child is. Ah, thorns, sharp and thorny, how painful it is to hold in your arms! But to find the child, the mother pricked thorns into her muscles ... For the sake of the child, the mother didn't care about what she gave. The thorns were moved and told the mother that she should look for the child in that direction. When the mother came to the lake, she still could not see her child. She begged Dahu to tell her the direction of the baby. Dahu found her mother's eyes were too beautiful, so she asked her mother to cry and give him the eyes. greenhouse. Because each flower represents a life, your child may have become a flower. The mother said, "As long as I can get my child, I'll give you everything you want, just give me a breath and let me see the child." So the mother cried and cried, and her eyes burst out Marlboro Cigarettes. She held her mother up in the palm of her hand and took her to the other side of the lake. The old woman was the guardian of the tomb Newport Cigarettes Coupons. In order to find the child, the mother exchanged her black hair with the old woman's white hair. She entered the greenhouse as she wished, and found the heartbeat of the flower that belonged to her child. It is a blue early spring flower, but the early spring flower is hanging down and is very ill. He does not know what kind of heartache and suffering he experienced in order to find him! The old lady stopped her mother and said, "You do n��t want to touch this early spring flower. Death is coming soon. You ask him not to touch this flower. If he does n��t listen, you scare him and say you want to unplug all the flowers here Cigarettes Online. Every flower and every grass is alive. Without God ��s will, no one can touch him. "Death came in, to pull out this early spring flower, the mother hugged this flower tightly and asked not to die. Take away her child. Grim Reaper said that God's order could not be disobeyed. The mother wants to pull out the other two flowers, and the god of death advises her not to touch them, because they also have life, and they also have their own mother ... the mother knows the heartache and pain that she has experienced, how can she bear to let other mothers To experience such pain? In the end, the mother asked Death to take her child to the kingdom of God. After reading the story, fellow students, are you as moved by my mother's kindness as me? In fact, there is also a mother around us who loves us silently, loves us, and always works hard for our happiness! From now on, let us cherish all the good times with our parents, study hard, and repay them wisely.
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y mother's kindness a
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