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very different than my
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Since I knew roughly how far away we were, I calculated that I would need to run about a 6:00-7:00 pace to get to the school before the bus left. That was within my capability, so I took off with the dog in tow and settled into the appropriate pace as indicated on the Garmin. We stopped briefly to pick up a poop bag I had deposited earlier next to a tree (Jack’s, not mine) so I could throw it in the trash, and got to the school just in time…or so I thought. I pulled up to his classroom heaving from the effort, only to have his teacher tell me that the bus just left.
“No problem,” I thought, half mile to home, Nike Air VaporMax Femme and there’s no way he’ll beat me there on the bus given that they have other stops to make before our house. Just to be sure, I sped off again at a low 6:00 Nike Air Max 95 Femme pace, dipping into the 5:00’s for a small stretch, and probably wiped out Jack in the process. End result – managed to get home with 10 minutes or so to spare, so this story has a very happy ending.I sit here writing this post early in the morning on the first official day of my summer break. Although I still have some commitments to fulfill and loose ends to tie up at work, my major responsibilities were completed when I Nike Air Max 95 Femme submitted my Spring semester grades and annual report yesterday afternoon. As a college professor, calling this a vacation isn’t quite accurate since I will be working on writing a few scientific publications over the coming months, but the lack of any formal schedule makes the end of the school year a liberating Nike Air Max 270 Womens experience, and one that brings with it a feeling of freedom and great excitement for the immediate future.
Times of transition are generally difficult for me. Going from being a full-time college professor with all of the commitments and deadlines associated therein to an almost full-time dad takes some serious adjustment. Instead of having to have coherent and informative lectures prepared on a daily basis, I now have to help make sure my kids wake up, get fed, make it to school on time, and shuttle them to their various www.tobiasstiftung.de extracurricular activities. Adding a newborn baby into the mix this year adds an additional twist to make things even more interesting. It’s not that these fatherly duties are difficult or onerous, it’s just that they’re very different than my routine during the school year, and for me the switch happens virtually overnight. This can be psychologically jarring for a few weeks until I adjust to the change. That Nike Air VaporMax Damen being said, being able to be a full-time dad for a few months a year is one of the wonderful things about my job, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Another twist that’s occurring this year is the fact that I have more than just a three month summer break from teaching duties coming up. You see, I’ve been awarded a sabbatical for the Fall semester, the upshot of which is that I won’t be teaching another class until www.emilytorino.it January of 2011. This means that I now have essentially 8 months coming with no formal schedule. I’ll still have some administrative duties to fulfill at work starting again in September, but those will be sporadic, and I can more or less fill my time working on projects that I normally don’t have time to complete when I’m carrying a full teaching load. Some of these are going to be work-related of course (scientific publication is the name of the game in my field when it comes to job promotions), but some of them will be more personal (e.g., family stuff and my running), and some will combine my work and personal interests Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose (e.g., this blog).Among the many things I hope to accomplish in the coming months is to further the development of this blog. Runblogger has grown into something a bit more than a hobby over the past year, and Nike Air Max 270 Dames quite frankly, I never realized at the outset just how much I’d love writing here. I owe a huge thank you to all of my readers for supporting me along the way, and the feedback I get via e-mail and post comments Nike Air Max 270 Dames is hugely appreciated – this is in large part what keeps me posting.
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very different than my
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