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Foren-bersicht » Internetprogrammierung » aning of life. Keep the bala
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aning of life. Keep the bala
BeitragVerfasst am: 23.09.2019 04:08 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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People's life is very short, how can you find yourself in the busy world to find a pure land of the soul? Only look for a piece of silence in the frivolity, and keep a light in the heavy. The frivolous leaves will eventually be attributed to the roots. You have seen the glimpse of the gossamer, and you can only rely on yourself to wander in the air, eventually disintegrating your meaningless life in the wind, and refuse to make a contribution with other companions. Life will eventually collapse in frivolity. The self-sufficient little thing Buddha said: "The more you see yourself, the lighter the meaning of life." Presumably, you are no stranger to feathers, making scorpions, making blankets, and making feather dusters. However, just a piece of feathers, it seems too frivolous to enjoy the eye-catching moments, and can not do their own strength, swaying, falling to the ground, inevitably being trampled on the fate Cheap Cigarettes. What a selfish little thing Buddha said: "Providing life to all beings is the best interpretation of breaking through the red dust. Too frivolous and inevitable for a lifetime. In the summer, three or two children can always splash a splash of water. That floats in A small amount of water on the water is always fleeting Parliament Cigarettes, neither reflecting the sun's rays nor enjoying the soapy eyes. But it still unscrupulously "sway through the city", ignoring the tragic fate, how poor Small things! The Buddha said: "Only valuable things can be compared with that peace. "God, feathers, water droplets, they always seem too frivolous. When spring comes, the catkins of a tree and a tree begin their long journey. They have no regrets, drifting in the wind. Just because they carry beautiful Mission, for this mission, they must go forward. When they flew over the mountains, across the river, through the fog, and after completing a difficult journey, they turned their backs on the mother of the earth and took root there. The Buddha said: "The frivolous thing, when its body bears a holy mission, it will become a calm Mid-Autumn Night Newport 100S, how many away from home wandering to see the smoke of the mother floating in the distance, the fluttering smoke Rising, carrying a mother's thoughts on children! It is because of its lightness that it is enough to cross the mountains and waters and convey the thoughts; it is because of its lightness that it becomes a symbol of the distance and becomes a symbol of the hometown--oh! The mother'sGive up frivolity, let the heavy heart just become brisk; give up heavy, but don't lighten the meaning of life. Keep the balance of the mind and precipitate in the offering.

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aning of life. Keep the bala
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