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The face PRP technique
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A blood sample is taken using a collection and separation system that allows you to avoid any manipulation and to act in absolute sterility.

The PRP technique for the face is very simple and practically painless: a sample of about 20 ml is made. of whole blood and centrifuged with prp tubes to separate the red and white blood cells from the liquid part (plasma) where the platelets are located. Centrifugation serves to separate the components of the blood. The blood does not undergo changes or alterations.
This liquid component is taken and a particular Calcium Gluconate solution is added, which causes the platelets to break.
The serum obtained is then immediately re-injected into the dermis of the same patient from which it was taken.

In this way the granules contained in them are released, then the intradermal injection is carried out using a very small needle of only 4 mm. with many small wheals in the area you want to treat.

The growth factors released by platelets are able to stimulate and accelerate the healing and regeneration processes of tissues.

Dermal regeneration through platelet growth factors ( PRP ) is equivalent to a real "restructuring treatment" for the skin.

The PRP face treatment
The face PRP session is performed in the clinic, without anesthesia, through microinjection with a very thin needle.

The treatment lasts about 60 minutes including the withdrawal time and leaves no result except some small bruises that resolve in a few hours.

Thanks to this process it is possible to obtain a more toned, elastic, turgid, fresh and young skin.

After a couple of weeks we begin to see the effects linked to the stimulation of tissue regeneration by the growth factors: the skin gradually becomes more luminous, compact, elastic, and some fine lines are also attenuated.

The treatment is repeated after a month, then maintenance is started with 1 session 3 times a year.

The growth factors contained in the platelets are capable of stimulating various cellular mechanisms including the proliferation and migration of fibroblasts (the functional units of the dermis!) And the synthesis of collagen, recalling or reactivating the stem cells present in the area we are treating. improving the condition of the skin.

With the PRP technique, everything that is necessary for our regeneration is autologous so it is already within us and we make it work for us.

Complications and contraindications of face PRP
Since this is material taken from the body itself, the risk of allergic reactions is zero and the risk of cross-infections deriving from the use of materials of animal origin is impossible because, we repeat, the product is autologous.

As with any other injection treatment, small bruises associated with a slight swelling can form, which disappear within a few hours, due to the small trauma caused by the stings.
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The face PRP technique
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