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Foren-bersicht » Internetprogrammierung » A person sits quietly
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A person sits quietly
BeitragVerfasst am: 27.07.2019 03:55 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
Beitrge: 39

A person sits quietly in front of the window, looking out the window, remembering the sky. Life is a gorgeous illusion Cigarettes For Sale, time is a thief, stealing everything is so clear, the simple and childish face of childhood, fell and climbed up and laughed and cried, and then still mad and lawless. There is always no guessing and no evil in both eyes Marlboro Red, grabbing a donkey and thinking that you can catch the whole summer. Is there a bookmark that stops the day, the simplest smile and the most beautiful year. The bag is filled with snacks and toys, and the mouth is grimacing. On a rainy day, holding an umbrella and waiting on the side of the school gate, waiting for him to appear, under the umbrella, spreading two lines of twisted footprints. Stringing the friendship between the little friends Newport Cigarettes, stringing joy, but also the sweetness of my heart. I still remember the day under the maple tree, we whispered with a finger: pull the hook, hang it, a hundred years, don't want to change, I liked the imagination, wondering if there would be such a little monster fell in love with Altman. ? Will there be a day when Antenna Baby and SpongeBob become good partners? Will there be a time when Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit and Linghu Chong are more than swords, and Rainbow Cat Blue Rabbit has more chances? Will there be such a world, never dark, the stars, the sun, everything, listen to my command, the moon is not busy, the spring is not busy walking away? One day, we suddenly talked about the future, talked about tomorrow, talked about ideals, and talked about the expectation of life. When the doctor went to the world, the boss became a big money, when the soldiers went to defend the country, became a star as a big wrist... We became a group of children with ideals, not willing to be ordinary swords, put down the comics, put down the feather duster. He took up a heavy bag, took up his hopes for the future, took up his ideals, and took up the belief of struggle. Be friends with the pen and accompany the book. We gradually got used to it Marlboro Lights, and then we gradually got tired of forgetting which day of the year, deliberately passing her side, the shy wind blowing a red face. The two men's bags fell on one's shoulders. A red apple was divided into two halves. There were always two pink letterheads in the pockets. The two paper cranes on the window sill were on the opposite side of the ground. I hope that there will be such a rose, never fade, always proud and perfect, never compromise. However, the powerless autumn can not stop the invasion of winter, the piece of petals can only be bright, after the storm, it is an indifferent and sad face. The sun sets, the wind is walking in the wind, a lonely boy in the dusk, going to the New Year, turning around and looking back Carton Of Cigarettes, the noise of the summer, the sun is a naive and childish face, listen to that The screaming screams, and then look at the sky, suddenly found that autumn has quietly exposed his face at the treetops. And I, peace, indifference, the childishness of many years ago has long since disappeared. Now, look again. Who is accompanying the meter? Who can always evoke your inner thoughts? Who is going to be with you, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow...forever? How many unforgettable faces have been deposited in memory, always appearing in my mind at the most lonely and quiet moment. Many of those who loved me and those I loved were no longer around. It��s always been the regrets and attachments that are left at a certain moment. Occasionally, it turns into a tear, drops in the heart, keeps the memory moist and warm, and gently bypasses my fingertips.

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A person sits quietly
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