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As the saying goes
BeitragVerfasst am: 10.08.2019 09:21 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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As the saying goes: "Three-point looks, seven points to dress." A woman's beauty is not only a natural beauty, clothing mix, hair style is also indelible. After watching the TV series "Cheongsam", I was not touched by the story of heroic wit and thrilling inside. More like the cheongsam that changed the mistress of the hostess, especially the nine-phoenix cheongsam that made Pinglu look charming. That texture, that work, exquisite to the extreme. Surrounded by nine phoenixes, it glows with the glory of the nobility. It is said that it was Qianlong��s love gave up the wedding dress, insisted on wearing a red phoenix cheongsam. Compared with the wedding of my colleagues, I am a bit old and quiet, lacking modern aesthetics. However, parents really like my wedding dress. They think that the red cheongsam is festive, and it is more representative of the beauty of the oriental woman. My true cheongsam love story is due to the story of the 1930s. Every time I see the old Shanghai film, no Consciously drawn by the various cheongsams of the characters in the play, divided from the waist, the woman's body is unfolded according to the golden section, charming and feminine. Cheongsam is a very strange costume, whether it is worn on a good woman or a bad woman, it is a kind of extreme. Everyone wears it, it is clear and beautiful, and its temperament is noble; the social flower is put on, the style is charming, and it is a soul. Therefore, it is also a big and elegant thing like cheongsam, a woman who likes to wear cheongsam, feels that it is a burst of hair, a full cast, full of charm, showing the beauty of a woman to the fullest. Some people say that cheongsam is tempting, sexy, and a subtle and melancholy beauty. Put it on, you must sit right, walk straight, the body should be just right, the curve is clear, not fat or thin. Therefore, the woman wearing a cheongsam must be melancholy and tempted. The number is the most beautiful woman wearing a cheongsam. Her "Love of the Fallen City" portrays the charm of a mature woman, the old Shanghai of the 1930s. The aristocratic family lady, the arrogant temperament is always revealed through the elegant cheongsam. Zhang Ailing's novels prevailed in the era of cheongsam. Whether it was "Half-Life" or "Lust Caution", we were all surprised by the silky satin cheongsam of the hostess. Under this sexy costume, there is a lonely loneliness. A melancholy beauty. The tall collar is just right to tighten the neck, round the neck, soft and sexy; the curved body is full of women's style; the side below the knee is bare, the slender legs are gently rocking, slowly. There is a degree of relaxation, implicit and open. This is the "blue-and-white porcelain" that the cheongsam brings to the woman's beautiful reading Xue Xiaochan. "The most difficult glaze color in blue-and-white porcelain is azure. It is said that only when the rain is fine, can the real azure porcelain be burned. Cyan, can not appear on its own, it must patiently wait for a rain that does not know when it will come, how long does it wait? God knows! Maybe wait for a long time Parliament Cigarettes, before it can appear in the sky of azure in the clear sky It appears faintly on the horizon, a touch of green, a glimpse of the sky, dyed this white... Then, the person who burns porcelain on a day-to-day basis Newport 100S, how long it will take to encounter the rain when the glaze is formed Qingqing?" I like blue and white, I fell in love with the blue-and-white cheongsam. I always think about it: I might wear a touching love story, blue-and-white cheongsam, the taste of love. This summer, I wandered with my daughter and entered a cheongsam shop. The cheongsam pattern and color made me dazzled. Finally, my eyes were locked in a blue-and-white cheongsam. I tried it on it. It was tailor-made for me and the size was just right. So, I bought it like cheongsam, naturally collected a few cheongsams, different styles, different color patterns, I feel that even if not in the cabinet, it is a visual enjoyment. So, I put a few cheongsams in my cabinet. Sometimes in the winter, I took it out and thought it was very beautiful Marlboro Cigarettes. I used to wear the blue-and-white cheongsam in the early summer or the shallow autumn evening. I sat on the tea pavilion by the lake, took a sip of the scent and watched the sunset, as if I felt like I was performing. Only oneself knows the story. There is a memory in this story that is eternal. That is the charm of the cheongsam in the era of disappearance.
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As the saying goes
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