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Atlanta Falcons Womens Hoodie
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Aaron Donald has zero offensive stats in his career. And why would he? No player in the NFL terrorizes quarterbacks like Donald. Somehow Atlanta Falcons Womens Hoodie , he’s even getting BETTER at that. The reigning — and likely back-to-back — Defensive Player of the Year set a Rams franchise record for a defensive tackle with 12.5 sacks so far this season. (Reminder: There are still six games left.)The Rams also have the best running back in the NFL. Todd Gurley leads the league with 988 rushing yards and has scored a touchdown in 13 straight games. He is, as the kids would say back in 1994 when Gurley was born, da bomb.So there’s no reason for the Rams to ever try putting the ball in Donald’s hands, right? Well, this might change your mind: LOOK AT AARON DONALD RUNNING THE FOOTBALLQuite frankly, it’s unfair that a 280-pound beast like Donald would be that smooth, that fast, that natural carrying the football — he even threw in a little juke for good measure. But it shouldn’t be all that surprisingly considering how quickly he bull-rushes offensive linemen and descends upon quarterbacks, who get a split-second to watch their lives flash before their eyes:Unfortunately, a mini-ruckus after the play stole the spotlight. Donald took exception with Justin Britt’s late hit (so much so that he confronted him AFTER the game too), and both players were flagged for 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalties.Even worse, the play didn’t count. Russell Wilson managed to get the ball out before fumbling, so it was an incomplete pass (and maybe intentional grounding).Still, I’m glad it happened just so we could get a glimpse of Donald’s secret talent.I’m no Sean McVay. He’s a coaching savant, and I will almost always defer to him when it comes to play calls. And he really doesn’t need my help: the Rams are 9-1, including the 36-31 win over the Seahawks that happened in part because Donald is a generational player. On top of his 2.5 sacks Sunday Julio Jones Jersey Limited , the Seahawks had a chance to win late in the game, but Donald went after Wilson on fourth-and-10 to seal it for the Rams:But there’s no doubt in my mind that Donald carrying the ball would work. It’s not unprecedented for defensive linemen, either, from Refrigerator Perry in the 80s to most recently, Melvin Ingram in Week 5.Three plays the Rams should use Donald as a ball carrierHere are a few situations when the Rams should use Donald, y’know, just in case McVay is reading this and then committing my suggestions to memory:1) Put him in at the goal line and run it up the gut. Andy Reid semi-regularly used Dontari Poe at the goal line — as a runner, receiver, and passer— when the 346-pounder was with the Chiefs. Bonus: It’d make those Gurley fantasy owners mad again.2) The Rams are up comfortably, let’s say by three touchdowns. They’ve got a second-and-5 midfield. There are no real stakes. Just call in Donald and laugh at how big the entire opposing defense’s eyes would get at the idea of trying to tackle him.3) Wildcat. Doesn’t matter what the score is, what down it is, where they are on the field. I just want to see it.Please, give Donald the ball, even if it’s just once. Let him stoke fear in a defense for a change. The main event of MLB’s award season has come and gone and there were little surprises when it came to the respective MVP awards in the two circuits of baseball. Mookie Betts was rightly crowned as the AL’s MVP for the 2018 season and Christian Yelich’s efforts over this past season were acknowledged as he was named NL MVP. Sometimes the winners of these awards are controversial choices but that doesn’t appear to be the case for this season. You could make an argument for any of the candidates who finished near the top of the ballot but the winners are worthy of their recognition. Instead, the controversy comes in the form of a lack of recognition for Jacob deGrom. Naturally, it would be easy to say that he’s already received enough recognition after being awarded the 2018 NL Cy Young for his efforts on the mound. However http://www.atlantafalconsteamonline.com/julio-jones-jersey , you could just as easily argue that he deserved plenty of MVP consideration as well. It’s always an uphill climb for a player who only plays every fifth day to win the MVP award but it’s definitely not impossible. You don’t even have to look back that far to the last time where it happened. Clayton Kershaw’s 2014 season was dominant enough to where the BBWAA deemed him worthy enough of being both the best pitcher in the NL and the best overall player in the Senior Circuit as well. Kershaw deserved it as well, as he finished the season with a 1.77 ERA and a 1.81 FIP and peripheral numbers that had to be seen in order to believed. Here’s the thing: Jacob deGrom’s 2018 season was better. deGrom finished 2018 with a 1.70 ERA, a 1.99 FIP and his peripherals were just as strong as well. Additionally, his ERA- and FIP- were in “Pedro Martinez-in-his-prime” territory, as were the rest of his numbers. Jacob deGrom was clearly one of the best overall players in baseball this season but a big chunk of MVP voters decided to ignore this. deGrom may have received his due with the NL Cy Young award but he clearly deserved better when it came to MVP voting. If you’re worrying about baseball being down in the doldrums as far as general interest is concerned, you shouldn’t be. Grant Brisbee is here to let you know that as long as Mookie Betts is marauding about in center field, then baseball will be A-OK.Grant’s piece includes an exciting defensive play that Mookie made during his 2018 AL MVP campaign. I’m going to add a video of a 13-pitch at-bat that sent the Red Sox from being down a run with two outs to being up three after Mookie hit a grand slam.Here’s more on Christian Yelich winning the MVP award over in the National League. He’s the fourth Brewers player to pull it off. The Marlins will have a new look for 2019 and beyond. The uniforms will be unveiled today and the logos were unveiled yesterday. MLB and FOX have come to a deal that will keep baseball on that network from 2022-2028. The deal is reportedly worth $5.1 billion, which is a lot of money for a sport that’s supposedly fading away. With that being said, it sure would be nice to see baseball teams (and teams in other sports, for that matter) stop crossing picket lines when it comes to hotels. Show some solidarity!Wrigley Field will be receiving yet another change during the offseason. This time, they’re re-numbering all of the seats at the Friendly Confines. Justin Bour’s stint with the Phillies will probably end up being a very short one, as Philadelphia is likely going to place the slugging first baseman on waivers. Kansas City’s bullpen was terrible, so the crew at Royals Review is hoping that things will be looking up in the future. The team over at Red Reporter has been following their Reds enough to have an idea of what the front office may be up to during the Hot Stove season. In fact, they have three moves that would fall in line with Cincinnati’s tendencies over the years.

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Atlanta Falcons Womens Hoodie
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