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Newport Cartons ForSale
BeitragVerfasst am: 20.11.2020 02:57 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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Sniffing the cigarettes close, the faint tobacco smell has bursts of sweetness. Ignite the fire, the suction resistance is obvious, and it is a bit hollow. The grooved filter makes the smoke more scattered, the strength is very soft, and the nose and throat are light. Although the smoke is not very full, it is not very thin. It is two different feelings than the lightness of low-focus smoke. It may be the so-called light but not few. The permeable smoke travels leisurely in the body, and as the smoke is inhaled and exhaled, it is accompanied by obvious sweetness, which is very comfortable. The product is quite fresh Cigarettes Online, and the surrounding color is still bright yellow. The front main picture is the common "pattern" of the series, supplemented by a purple border, and a royal atmosphere and a symbol of conformity. "The stamp is small, and I want to highlight the high-end of the sub-brand. Who knows what it is in the end. The opening method of the cigarette case is a pull-up type, which gives people a sense of luxury. The gold lining paper is also printed with patterns, and the lining board is purple. The color of the packaging of this product will give people a noble and atmospheric feeling. The rich and mellow tobacco aroma is perfectly blended with the fresh and natural tea aroma, and the tea essence "tea polyphenols" is added to sublimate the taste, the taste is strong but not greasy, clear but not astringent, sweet and comfortable. There is a slight tea aroma at the front end and a little less tobacco aroma in the middle end Carton Of Cigarettes. The end is spicy and the cigarette is generally stable. It is worth a try, praise! Light the cigarette, the first puff, the smoke is slightly hollow, and the mass is OK, There is a slight thick in the throat, the fragrance is not prominent, and the tongue has a slight astringency when it is spit out. In the second puff, the smoke is much thicker and fills the entire mouth. The smoke is not delicate, and the aroma is fragrant but slightly lacking. I think the flavor of this cigarette should be improved from Cantonese cigarettes such as Wuye Shen, Although it is powerful and not what it means, it is also considered harmonious. Light the cigarette, the first sip, the smoke feels a little hollow, the lumps are okay, the throat is slightly thick, the aroma is not prominent Newport 100S, and the tongue feels slightly astringent when it is spit out. In the second puff, the smoke is much more mellow and fills the entire mouth. The smoke is not delicate, and the aroma is fragrant but slightly lacking. I think the flavor of this cigarette should be improved from cigarettes. Although it is powerful, it is not what you want. It's also harmonious.
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Newport Cartons ForSale
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Newport Cartons ForSale
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