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The characters in
BeitragVerfasst am: 06.11.2019 03:10 Antworten mit Zitat
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The characters in the novel are always beautiful. The ugly duckling will turn into a beautiful white swan through his own efforts. From an ordinary crowd, it will not show up and become brilliant. Of course, the perfect ending will follow. It should be, of course, the fictional plots in the novel have a probability of 0 Newport 100S, and it is impossible to appear. It seems to be close to us, but far away. Mom always thinks that I read the unnutritive books is just a waste of time, but in my heart, it can bring me joy, teach me to persevere, even if the difficulties are heavy, because persistence is hope; it can I brought to the happy princess kingdom, carelessly in front of the mi all back. My thoughts drifted to a normal afternoon. Under the scorching sun Marlboro Red, the playground of the school was still as noisy as it used to be. The birds on the branches seemed to be restless, fluttering their wings and hovering over the sky, watching the posture of the wind as windy. Rush to the end. At the starting line, we are ready to go. There is no uneasiness before the long-distance running. This time, I am no longer afraid, no longer retreat, and I am ready to start. I am struggling to catch up on the runway. I have thought that for so many days, the junior high school students use the big class to run every day, in order to cultivate everyone's patience. Take advantage of the long-distance running. Of course, the running circle is really exhausting. In the process, some people can't stand this tired, and they give up easily. More people will complain: What is the use of it rror with my inexhaustible pleated skirts; I can take me to a peaceful and quiet kingdom, peace of mind between people, no intrigue, no Deliberately "Maybe the road ahead will be very difficult, because the more you climb, the stronger the enemy standing in front of you, not everyone is stagnant, not in the game, they are moving forward, they are I am working hard, maybe a lot of people pay the same price as you." "Even if the gap is bigger, even if you are stupid, then dull, as long as you leave more sweat and pay more tears Cheap Cigarettes, you will be rewarded one day. Perhaps this is the reluctance of human beings, because it is stubborn, so it will fight hard; because of hard work, it will succeed, and finally will have achievements." Every time I will yell out the window, because I believe the way to success in the other side. If you fold the memories up, turn the time back to save the draft. If you ignite the years into a light group that jumps in the darkness - I want to be a character in the novel, no matter what your situation is at the time, you should fight hard, fight for the blue sky for your brilliant tomorrow, and face the sky. Shouting - there is nothing you can't do.
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The characters in
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