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Love is everywhere
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Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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Love is everywhere, as long as you have a pair of loving eyes. ����Inscription I am alone in the beautiful and beautiful Pazhou, breathing clean and warm air, searching for the love of drowning in the crowd. There is a picture of love in my mind. Picture 1: Since March 2012, Zhang Huobao Powder Store �C the netizen love activity of ��The whole city eats powder to save three infants��. I saw the crowd outside the store, but it was orderly. You are a copy, I am a copy. Some people have taken away a few copies, some have come many times, some people are silently donating money, some people come from afar, some people see the owner is busy and do not win, take the initiative to help Marlboro Lights. Members: acquaintances, strangers, netizens. Reason: Zhang Huobao's family welcomes the triplets, but unfortunately comes to the end - the three male infants have suffered from different levels of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome, and the treatment costs are amazing. Zhang Huobao, whose income is not high, quickly fell into a difficult situation. The disease is ruthless, and there is love in the water. This is a love action organized by netizens. Picture 2: On January 11, 2014, a large-scale supermarket in Shengli North Road �C ��Helping Xiaojun Yiyuan Dream�� large-scale theme public welfare activities. Junyi, wearing a special police uniform, made a robbery call at the police center. The uninformed Junyi, in a careful arrangement, sat in a wheelchair and negotiated with the robbers, and was escorted by the special police uniform during the water supply. The police dream in the child's heart. Members: volunteers, police chiefs, police, supermarket employees, citizens. Age: From teenage girls to seventy-something old people. Reasons: Junyi suffered from a sudden "muscle malnutrition" disease, and gradually became unable to walk. He could only crawl on the ground by hand. But Xiao Junyi is still optimistic and firmly believes in his police dream. Thousands of citizens witnessed this warm love action on a cold rainy day Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This is a picture of the love action jointly organized by the government and the people of Pazhou. On May 24th, 2014, Boulder Park �C ��Lighting the wish, flying the Chinese dream�� youth growth action. The stage is harmonious and warm. The voice of the children under the stage Carton Of Cigarettes, such as "I want a school bag." "I want four classic classics." "I want a ticket to see the father who works outside the house..." The wishes of these children are on the stage and A caring person from the audience is here to help. Members, employees, volunteers and citizens of the Lishui Highway Branch. Reasons: There are tens of thousands of left-behind children and vulnerable children in the district. When the Children's Day is coming, it is a good thing for the children to do their best and build a beautiful home. This is a big love organized by the unit and the passers-by are actively involved. The pictures of countless love are intertwined in my mind, and I can't help but deeply suck the fragrance of this land. This is an ancient and magical land. Love Mountain loves the water fairy lake, nourishing the simplicity and selflessness of the people; this is an open and inclusive city, the traditional virtue and modern technology are perfectly combined; this is a picturesque and livable Homeland, mountains and waters and warm and coherent integration. Here, I found the true meaning of love. Love is everywhere, as long as you have a pair of loving eyes. Love is the support, the language that is expressed with each other with sincerity and action. Love is in the ordinary life, love is bit by bit. Love is to pass, even if it is a smile, a warm heart. Love is in the heart, although it is far away from the horizon, it can also be felt infinitely invisible, and it is full of love. I am fortunate to live in this sunny sunshine, loving land. Love makes our hearts connected to each other. I also want to be the messenger of love, pass on love, let more people feel the warmth of love.
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Love is everywhere
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