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Foren-Übersicht » Internetprogrammierung » autumn, and there seems to be
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autumn, and there seems to be
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Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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Unknowingly, this fall is coming to an end. I seem to wake up like a dream and hold her tail and feel her beauty. In the past, I rarely felt the change of the season, because I thought that there was still too much time to feel the cycle of the season. I suddenly found out that every fall is precious to me. Autumn is like a beautiful Angel, she floated lightly to us, quietly sown the hope of the land, and let the earth exude a charming fragrance. After fulfilling her mission, she drifted away into the distance. I love her generosity, and I am more obsessed with the charm of her autumn, the courage and perseverance of the autumn wind sweeping the leaves, looking at the fallen leaves and the bald tree shackles that are stripped of clothes, maybe many people will complain Her ruthlessness, however, you know that it is to allow the tree to wear new clothes in the coming year and bring the new colors to the earth; the autumn wind in August Marlboro Lights, the blooming of the sweet-scented osmanthus, gently blowing the cheeks of passers-by Washing people's impetuous hearts, gentle comfort, like the mother's hands; walking into the village, approaching the rice fields, the autumn wind caressing the crops, sometimes blowing it, and sometimes lifting it up, as if the earth is carrying The rhythm of the breath, the mature rice ears of that stall also have life, the wind from there, the whispers between the ear of rice and the ear of rice, and it seems that the joy of the harvest of the farmers. In the autumn rain, Xu Zhimo wrote in his "Private": This whisper of autumn rain, the love and affection of Sanqiu Newport 100S, and the plot of love, also fell in the autumn halo of autumn water, a vortex and a half turn, followed by the autumn flow go with. Autumn rain, such as silk spider webs, ran down the rice ear, tree shrews, and dried vines. It is so soft, so lingering, she adds nutrition to all things and creates a space for life. Love the autumn month, the autumn month is always a feeling of love, thousands of thoughts. Silent night, independent of the lawn, igniting a cigarette, looking up at the stars and the beautiful moon, will always pick up the feelings of the homesickness of the wanderer, miss the distant relatives and friends in the next month, the thoughts will be As the tobacco rises, it floats to where you want to get. Falling in the autumn time, the autumn is always so short, and it��s too late to taste, so it��s going to drift away. Every autumn is so unusual, because the harvest every year will be different, and the people who are looking for dreams outside, I always lament that I can't keep up with the beat of time. There are too many dreams that have not been realized. One year's time has flowed away from us Newport Cigarettes. We are one year older, and our parents are one year old. Strolling in the warm and harmonious Xiangwei City, once again chasing the beat of autumn, sucking the fragrance of sweet-scented osmanthus, listening to the singing of the birds, watching the leaves dance with the wind, the fish swaying in the autumn, the heart is completely without thought. Stress, reach your soul with your hands. Not far away, the workers are carrying out the construction of the company's club intensively. The project that thousands of employees expect is expected to be put into use at the 40th anniversary of next year. This year, the company experienced the baptism of market competition. After going through the next stage, it has made great strides in the forefront of industry development. It can be said that this fall is also a harvest season. The autumn wind sweeps the leaves, the new thoughts are changing the old thinking. I believe that as long as we persist and pursue our dreams, our dreams will dance with the autumn wind. I love autumn, and there seems to be many reasons for my inability. Maybe don't give yourself too many reasons, like to do it bravely, so instead of the autumn wind, I reorganized my clothes and began to pursue my own fall.
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autumn, and there seems to be
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