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Foren-bersicht » Internetprogrammierung » One flower and one
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One flower and one
BeitragVerfasst am: 10.08.2019 09:21 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
Beitrge: 39

One flower and one world, one wood and one life, one grass and one heaven, one leaf and one leaf, one sand and one bliss, one side of a pure land, a smile, a thought, a quiet, see another world in a flower, in a grass I saw a beautiful paradise, every leaf is like it, every grain of sand is bliss, every place is pure land, every smile is a dusty edge, every thought is quiet. I finally learned to embrace everything with a peaceful and quiet heart. I smiled innocently when no one was there. I felt quiet in the prosperous and prosperous, enjoyed happiness in no desire, pursued happiness in the inaction, enjoyed the pain, waited for loneliness, and rejoiced. Crazy and quiet, even sad and happy, I always think of the humble and shallow flowers in the wilderness valley, leisurely, calm and full, instantly filled with the aura of nature, there will be calm, spouting, majestic, persistent Courage, I saw all the beauty, truth, goodness and hope in nature. Nothing is cool, quiet and refreshing, light and elegant flowers, always love to open in places where no one is. It is a kind of happiness to use one life to do one thing, to wait for a kind of beauty in one life, to manage inner happiness with all energy, and to interpret the mystery of nature with all of life. "Flowers are speechless, people are as light as chrysanthemums", with pure heart to watch everything in the world, let the soul fly above life, gradually grow to the void, and reach a pure world of indifferent heights. So that there is nothing in the world Marlboro Gold, where is the dust, the orchids that bloom in the empty valley, the cold plums standing proudly in the snow, the endless Gesang in the wilderness, the wild grasses in the mountains, all natural A hymn. The years are fascinating between the opening and the thank-you, and the time passes by in a smile. The red dust is nothing more than an illusory dream, when the next second is so real and natural. Let life calm down, be lonely in the depths of the red dust, let the heart bloom, every moment of the return, every moment of thinking, every trace of the miss, the spirit of the spirit of purity and elegance. No matter where the sky is clear, no matter where you are, you can breathe calmly and bravely, showing your own quiet and natural appearance. Passion is only a moment, amazing but a glimpse, pleasure is quiet, praised outside the body, flying is no more than temperament, freedom is greater than the soul, eagerness is a luxury, awe-inspiring nature. Let life be low, let the soul be high, respect and fear, low-key and humble, beautiful and natural, calm and optimistic, respectful and self-sufficient, follow the natural nature of all things, let the heavens and the humans listen to the breath of the flowers, Listening to the voice of the soul, entering the soul of the high place, the pure land is in the heart of the Buddha said: People are suffering because there are too many desires. Lower your body and let your mind fly. When the body squats, the soul is high. People are people, they don't have to deliberately be human; the world is a world, no need to be careful. Life is humble, and small wildflowers, such as wild flowers that are open in the wilderness, are quietly blooming and quietly withering. In the long river of time, we are just like the quicksand in the Ganges, drifting along with the waves, and finally abandoned. Any existence is reasonable. Any reasonableness will surely exist. Looking at everything in the world with a broad heart, the human condition is warm and cold, and it is a success or failure. It is only a passing sight. Perseverance is the inner consciousness of our souls. The soul stands outside the heavens and the earth, standing in the dust, not out of the air. The soul is high, the body can be light, faint, noble and elegant, in order to look down on the world, a pot of tea, a scroll, a book, is enough to satisfy us. A trip, a trip, a wandering, a romance, is enough to make us happy. Listening to the sound of the wind blowing through the treetops, listening to the moonlight gently sliding over the sound of the mountains Cigarettes For Sale. I watched the stars in the moon, and I was busy with the wild cranes. Do the most authentic self, earnestly live each day, not humble. The mind is a land of no one, and when it is outside, it is silent. Life is on earth, soul is in the distance, life is actually very simple, but eat and sleep. Let the high heart be like the bright moon in the sky, illuminate our life, give us a light, a little hope, or a direction of faith. You may be in adversity, your position is humble, you are living in a difficult situation, you are all unknown for a lifetime, you don��t have a day to go mokingusacigarettes.com, and you are even trapped. But as long as you have a pure and kind heart, as long as you have a soul in the heights, you are a real person. No matter how difficult it is, we must put our souls high. This is the fulfillment of life and the sublimation of the soul. The soul stands on a high place, and life can become detached. Let your red dust roll, I am from the wind and the moon; in the face of the red dust, I laughed. Life is a practice, and in the process of walking, the soul will inevitably be hurt. I don't care about other people's eyes, I don't care if anyone appreciates it. What I want is just the peace of the heart. What I want is only the joy of the soul swimming in the high places, the rain of life, the rise and fall of life, the past, the wind, the living layer. The layer accumulates the thickness of life, and then grows a green lush on the piece of pure soil!
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One flower and one
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