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I don't know when
BeitragVerfasst am: 12.07.2019 05:07 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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I don't know when I can't bear the sharpness of the boss's eyes, the eagerness of my parents' eyes, and even the arrogant cat makes me dare not look at it, let me look away. Therefore, I want to have invisible skills that are invisible to the world. As a transparent person, walking on the street, you can not care about the eyes of passers-by, you can not wash your face, you can not care about your hair, you can mix your favorite clothes. Or, more casually, streaking at the door of the city government Marlboro Lights, I think, in addition to being able to feel a gust of wind, they can't see anything, but I am not greedy, give me three days. The key is how to be invisible? To know that I only want to be an invisible person mokingusacigarettes.com, I don't want to die, I am still alive, have a soul, have a torso, just not to be seen. Occasionally drank the fairy medicine on an unusual night, when a stream of air was injected into the body or when traveling, I stumbled into the deep forest and met a person. I was taught a spell. Anyway, I am now an invisible person. If I think about it, I can��t help it. Stealing hi. Then, I have to do a few things, do a few things that I can't do or don't do easily on the first day, quietly follow my sweetheart, accompany her during class during the day, and look at her at the moment she is in a daze. Curious, she has no one in her eyes; she walked on the street with her, kicked her pebbles for her, opened the willow branches for her; escorted her home, stopped in front of her bedroom Cigarettes For Sale, chose to quiet Waiting for the window lights to sway Wholesale Cigarettes, see if she has even a second of time to do things related to her or have the same habits: I can take out an unfinished book from the bookshelf, put on headphones, and lie on the bed. Singing, laughing, she sings and sings but I don��t know. When she closes the book page, turns off the lamp and gently leaves. I took a day to spend my time with my parents. At 6:00, my mother has already got up. I simply wash it. I didn��t wipe even a little moisturizing skin care product Carton Of Cigarettes. I went out in a basket and walked in the direction of the vegetable market. The food market is only 8 minutes away from home, up to 20 minutes back and forth, plus 30 minutes of grocery shopping, but my mother spent 60 minutes. I found that the extra ten minutes spent in the tongue of bargaining with the selling aunt, the motivation was to make 5 cents less. Of course, the scene is not intense. During the whole process, I didn��t see the spit, and both sides were smiling. When I got home, my father got up and took the morning newspaper and sat on the sofa. The TV station was there. If it wasn��t for us to enter the door, there was no sound in the living room. Probably, my father still doesn't know that I was unexpectedly two hours earlier than usual. He is still indulging me to sleep, and has been indulging for 20 years. The mother has washed the dishes that she bought, and simply sorted them out to prepare a hearty meal at noon or in the evening, use breakfast for the old couple, go out together, mother around. The scarf I bought two years ago, my father brought the hat bought a year ago, yes, I bought it for my filial piety, and I wore the coat I bought yesterday. They helped to go to the park. The old couple did not go to Tai Chi. They chose a bench that was sun-baked and sat in the winter. They chatted into the winter, and they were much colder. They figured out the topic of making a few quilts for their children. When I talked to the horizon, there was only one last trace of the last rays. The old couple held each other and walked through the street lights and pulled down the long shadow. The street lights at night are the continuation of the sun during the day, and the long shadow is also a nostalgia for the light. "Old man, do you want to call someone to ask the child, are you coming back from work?" "What to fight, when you get it, you will naturally come back, don't make a phone call, let the child distract." "Good, good," The tone is noisy and noisy. Another day, by the way, a little evil thoughts were created, and the friends around me were teased. Ali, my colleague, has a difficult choice. When I have a problem, I like to flip a coin. She is holding two movie tickets, yelling, "The front is about him, the other side is not about." I know that she likes Amin, but as a girl is ashamed to confess, I decided to do a month before the coin is settled. Turn the original reverse side to the front. I think she will like my little prank. The next goal, I am going to aim at my roommate A Liang, this kid often steals my big bottle of Coke, once I drank too much, to hide the eyes and ears, actually put water inside! I remember in my heart, as a veteran consumer, expressed serious aversion to the behavior of such unscrupulous hawkers! I decided to replace the contents with vinegar. When he squirted, he made a loud "haha" laugh, and the laughter echoed, watching his messy expression in doubt and fear! Haha still have time, by the way, go to the cinema, watch the free movies; go to the bakery, taste the puffs that have been coveted; go to the supermarket and have a full meal in the free tasting area, you know, so many people look at it. I am sorry. And to do everything, I choose to be bright and bright. When it��s dark, just go home, and with a little bit of magic, try the heroic deeds of a fare evasion. (Don't misunderstand, I promised President Xi Da that I have never escaped the ticket before, really!) But I forgot that I was just invisible but would not wear a wall, or could not choose to leave the gate through the gate of the ticket gate, leaving Many apologies for security personnel.

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The content here seems good, but the organization is not good. I want to use this content in my pro papers review, but I am not sure how can I use this content. Can you share some news with me please?
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I don't know when
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