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Foren-Übersicht » Linux und andere Unixe » Gudong Forest & Waterfall Scenic Area travel tips
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Gudong Forest & Waterfall Scenic Area travel tips
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Gudong Forests & Water drop Attractive Place is in the southeast of Daxu Traditional Town of Lingchuan Country, 25 km away from Guilin Town. It is a lately developed tourist recognize.
Gudong Waterfall
In the picturesque area there is a multi-level concatenation fountain recognized by undercover increases, China travel which is the only one in China providers. With high-content of calcium nutrient mineral carbonate in the h2o, the travertine accumulation rate is great, which makes the fountain develop higher and higher gradually. The stage of the headstream is 180m higher than that of Li Flow, which is a miracle.

The h2o of the Gudong Water drop is very clear, and spring out in four times. The common down payment concentrate of the fountain is 0.1 g / m. The fountain could be divided into 13 features, with the drop of 90m and the frequent size of 20m.Click more China tour tags :Tibet Travel


Gudong Water drop is a touchable fountain. There is a over 200m-long future cancellation weblink on the fountain that guests could rise the fountain to appreciate the attractiveness of Gudong Forests.You can Get more Info about China Travel From Chinatour.com :Guide
travel to Beijing

Gudong Forest

At the feet of the mountains, there is a subtropical & unique woodlands, Grapes grape vines holding luxury China tour packages on the vegetation types natural areas. There are 3,000 kilometers of walnut and walnut. The content of negative clean air ion in clean air is higher than in the Guilin tourist team, creating a natural eco-tourism picturesque recognize. In late drop year, red maples are looking forward to guests.

Lhasa Tours | Tibet Travel
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Gudong Forest & Waterfall Scenic Area travel tips
Foren-Übersicht » Linux und andere Unixe
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