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I live in such an era of b
BeitragVerfasst am: 14.05.2020 03:23 Antworten mit Zitat
Anmeldedatum: 16.05.2019
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I live in such an era of blood and rain. I know that I am not ordinary, my name is: Chitu. I am a thousand horses. It is said that good horses are easy to find, and Bole is difficult to find, but I lack Bole. Everyone who has seen me says that I am a good BMW, and I do n��t need Bole. What I need is a master who can let me serve him. But I haven't found it yet. As a horse, I can be considered to have gone through the ups and downs. I was Dong Zhuo's love horse Marlboro Cigarettes, but in order to dominate the world, he got help from Lu Bu and transferred me to Lu Bu. In Dong Zhuo's hands, I am a tool that I can use. So I didn't realize the fun of being a BMW. Although Lu Bu is not the clear master in my heart, he must be the master. I continue to help him fight on the battlefield. Because of Lu Bu's good fighting and my bravery; there is such a sentence: Lu Bu among people, Chi Tu among horses. But soon, Lu Bu died in Cao Cao's hands, and I became Cao Cao's horse. Cao Cao loves me more Marlboro Red, but he doesn't understand me. The reason why Ma exists is to go to the battlefield, but he never let me go. I changed and became restless, and Cao Cao's men couldn't control me. I am eager to get the Ming Lord, although I don't know what the true Ming Lord looks like and where it will take me. But I long for it in my heart. One day, I will meet the true Mingzhu. Until this day, one of Cao Cao's men led me out and took me to Cao Cao and a general. I saw that the general was as heavy as a jujube, lying with silkworms, brows and phoenixes, and carrying a blue dragon with a sword. There was a ray of perseverance in both eyes. Cao Cao said to the officer, "Guan Yu, what do you think of this horse?" I saw the general called Guan Yu staring at me, his eyes full of his desire for virtue. I was shocked, this is the bright Lord in my heart. My real master. Guan Yu did not treat me like a horse like other masters, but treated me like a friend. He took me to fight everywhere. I will never forget, after every battle, he encouraged me; I will never forget Cigarettes Online, when I was injured, he personally medicined me; I will never forget, when we were trapped by the enemy camp and surrounded The confidence and courage revealed in his eyes. I will never forget that he comes to talk to me every night before going to bed. Let me know that being a horse can be so respected. I feel that I am not a horse, but his most intimate friend, confidant. Let me understand what is true friendship and what is a true hero. I think that for a horse to reach its maximum potential, and can become friends with the owner of the horse. This is the meaning of my life. I realized all my potentials, let the world realize it, and I got a confidant, friend, and lord. I want to thank you without asking, Guan Yu, let me understand the meaning of my life.
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I live in such an era of b
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